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Here are the best dating apps and sites that'll maximize your opportunities while minimizing your human contact. They're all worth a look or a swipe for that next hookup or serious relationship and are available on Android or iPhone. Some have paid versions, but prices aren't anywhere near the ridiculous ranks of the eharmonies of the world.

So, look: There are plenty of decent apps out there, and even more that are up-and-coming. For people who are queer and want to connect, fear not. There's no need to go to the cheesy bar down the block. Bust out your phone and let your index finger do the hard work. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Like Follow Follow. Whether you hate it a little or hate it a lot, it's a rite of passage for most of us. Best for queer women.

The Good. Free version: Yes Paid version: And queer women basically have one: Thankfully, HER is a non-offensive, user friendly app good for folks seeking long-term relationships as well as those who want a more, uh, temporary arrangement. Aside from a dating app, HER also acts as a sort of Facebook group for the queer community: Go to local events, find new LGBT movies to watch, bash the government, and connect with anyone who shares a post you like.

Asian-American man plans lawsuit to stop 'sexual racism' on Grindr

The site doesn't assume that all of their users are cis women and allows folks to identify as genderfluid, non-binary, and otherwise. Details to remember: HER is totally free to download. Accounts are verified and linked to people's Facebook profiles, so you're less likely to find fake profiles and trolls. Users have to be incredibly selective about their words and corny jokes. It can sometimes take several message before you realize the person you're speaking with is way too into Harry Potter.

Check it out here. Best gay app that hetero folks also use.

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Tinder Free version: Yes Tinder Plus: But yes, even though I do see myself as a tough dog, it does damage my confidence over time. But as hard as it is to accept, it is the reality everywhere, not only Amsterdam. As proven by studies, for whatever reasons, Asian guys are least wanted while Asian women are most wanted. Having said all that, Amsterdam has given me my first true love and my first true heartbreak. Hence, I believe life, no matter where, is basically a bunch of doors and we just have to keep on opening doors whenever one shuts. So yes, perhaps Amsterdam is not so perfect after all, gay or not; however, if u come here with an open mind, I am sure you will enjoy it no matter what.

I hope you enjoy this personal story of mine. Do you have any questions or something to share?

Gay Men Answer Dating, Relationship, and Marriage Questions

Feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Exploring the options and Packing the packages. If you are not convinced yet about how great Amsterdam or Holland can be, then check out my rowing story , my marathon story , and my Monday routine.

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Home Sitemap visit us on: Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. About Holland Although small in size, Holland has a rich cultural tradition. Dutch higher education High quality in an international setting. High quality education Get education that meets the highest standards. Degrees You can pursue a bachelor's, master's or PhD degree in Holland. The Dutch way of teaching Develop an open mind through interactive learning. Number of international students In Holland hosted , international students. Find study programmes Check our database of English-taught courses.

Financing your studies There are many sources of funding for studying here. Scholarships An overview of scholarships available for studying in Holland. Tuition fees and cost of living Tuition fees are low and life is comparatively cheap. Dutch institutions Holland has various types of higher education institutions. Map of institutions See all higher education institutions on a map of Holland.

Admission requirements Admission requirements are set by the institutions. How to apply Application procedures vary by institution and programme. Diploma evaluation To determine whether your diploma qualifies you to be admitted to a study programme, the higher education institution can consult Nuffic. Internship Do you want to do an internship in Holland?

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Summer schools Do you want to make the most of your summer? Study programmes in Dutch Why not follow a study programme in Dutch? Checklist What do you need to do and when? Find out with our checklist!

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Get prepared Get prepared and make the most of your Study in Holland experience. Procedures for refugees Different procedures apply for refugee students. Visas and permits Do you need a visa to come to Holland? Insurance Make sure that you are properly insured during your stay in Holland. Housing In Holland, students usually do not live on campus but have their own room.

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Student life Most of the student life in Holland happens off-campus. Getting around You don't really need a car to get around in Holland. Learn Dutch Although you can speak English with practically anyone in Holland, learning Dutch helps you to get to know the country and its culture and society. Working while studying All you need to know about working in Holland. Daily expenses What kind of expenses should you expect when coming to Holland? Meet fellow students Read the experiences of fellow students who have already studied in Holland.

Dutch grading system You may find that the Dutch grading system is different from your own. Do we belong to either western or eastern culture? Are our desires influenced by our struggle for identity? And what commonalities lie within our collective psychological experiences? The tension of east and west and some of its complexities are especially exhibited in our dating scene.

In popular gay Asian colloquialism, there lies the cultural notion that desires revolve around two specific racial choices — rice or potato? This divide seemed commonplace, even manifesting itself within a speed dating event in Sydney. At the event, we were given 12 dates at five minutes each and no one was allowed to talk about work.

Interestingly a lot of the people I came across were open to everyone in terms of race when I asked them. I wanted to pry even further though, so I inquired if there were any patterns or differences in their dating experiences when it came to dating either white or Asian men. Three people separately mentioned smell which I guess is fair. A guy called Don told me he felt more comfortable with Asian guys since more of them wanted something similar in terms of a relationship , while Caucasian men were either interested in a hookup or seemed much older than him.

GROWING up as a queer Asian person in Australia can be a unique and tiring ordeal.

Another person, Jason agreed with this and said that he preferred Asian men because they were similar in their traditions. Jason also felt that other Asian men were culturally more family orientated and more open to monogamy and dating, whereas western guys appeared to be focused on sex. As Eric continued to talk, he revealed how he became more comfortable with his cultural heritage growing up.