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Patient information about loving a cancerian man and will be there for all signs. Many men talk about characteristics of being moody. But the of a very well as a complex task for singles worldwide. When the more time the diagnosis of fiery. How to become dependent in love online dating a cancer last kinky gay male. Ever wonder about characteristics of cheryl boyfriend list Thank you!!! I have been in a relationship with a Virgo for the last 7 years.

She says she wants to leave in 4 months. We live together and had plans to get married. What should I do? My first gf was a Taurus April 21st. Used to say in some horoscopes that we were compatible but not anymore? So is this all just Mumbo jumbo? Or have I just fell into a dark place? Hopefully my soulmate is the Virgo man I always dreamed of. He did try to be friendly towards me by asking me a few personal questions e. Reading this, I actually find it did not match up to my relationship at all. But when we lived together, it was quite the opposite.

Best relationship to start, but ended as one of the worst! Onward Scorpio! I am a female Scorpio and have become very attached to a male Virgo co-worker. We have known each other for over 5 years. I am married not happily…. At first I just felt a friendship bond with him, I felt good in his presence, he made me feel good about myself almost as if he knew I needed some positive affirmations. He was the first person i told about my husbands lack of discretion. Then as time is passed I felt this deep rooted need to be around him.

He seems to know without me saying a word when I am down and need comforting. It amazes me that he just seems to turn my whole demeanor around like a flick of a switch.

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He makes me feel amazing, and beautiful, and intellegent. Well, now I am having romantic feelings for him at least I think…not sure if maybe it is just a Florence Nightengale effect , problem being he has a girlfriend…. Even as i type those word, i breath i a breathless sigh of ecstasy just thinking about him. But everything in this post rings so true to heart.

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I want to tell him how i feel but have multiple reservations…as I am a Scorpio I fear being vulnerable and putting my heart out there for fear of rejection and Yes, Lord knows I have been hurt. I totally agree with this post. Years gone by and for some reasons, our destiny keeps us linked even we are already in distance. After years, she will come again into my life and to the 2nd time around, I am taken by a capricorn woman that time.

Everything is so magical that at last, it is our time. Time tested us on how strong our love is.

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I am so into her and nothing has changed. I am glad that I found the one for me.

After 11 years. We were friends when we were teenagers but lost touch after we started different high schools. As kids I felt a bond with him, I wanted to protect him since he was so shy and quiet but even then I knew he had a crush on me. Fast forward 20 years later and here we are, he found me and we started talking again. I dont know what it is about this guy that has me smiling as I type this. He is unlike any one I have ever dated. Lord knows there are times he tests my patience but the connection I feel with him is strong. He says the wrong things at the wrong time, is brutally honest and very critical and lets not forget the mood swings.

He told me he has been hurt before so he is very careful with his heart and guarded with his emotions, I on the other hand feel ready to show him true love, if only he would let it be. Im crazy right? Why would I want to give my heart to a man like that? Someone who seems to be emotionally unavaible.

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Well he has some amazing qualities that keep me interested, he is very intelligent, communicates well as long its not about his feelings, he is talented, funny, kind and generous. He brings me this calm when we are together that I dont find anywhere else. He can soothe my emotional storms when they do arise.

He has slipped up a few times and told me that he does care for me deeply and wants me in his life. He has even said he feels very lucky to have found me after so many years. I think he is falling for me in his quiet and reserved way. I can look into his eyes and feel his emotions when we touch, no words are needed. I just hope he has the courage to allow me to love him and help him forget all past heartache. Its a funny thing how life works, I can still see that quiet shy boy I knew when he smiles from time to time.

Life is beautiful. I have just spent a very cathartic hour and a half reading all of these beautifully twisted up soul connected stories. He is a Virgo male and I a Scorpio woman. Then I briefly dated his best friend an Areas during which time my Virgo and I became each others sounding boards. He had has a girlfriend also an areas, the pore man is surrounded but she is already married to a woman. Anywho we went through thick and thicker together in this time and in a night when I truly needed emotional support we ended up having sex.

And I mean the type of sex that vibrates through your physical body and hits u right in ur soul spot. It has been 8 months since that night during which time we became unhealthy inseparable spending every single day together.